AMTEK Critter Gitter

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Product Information
The American Made Critter Gitter® uses heat and motion sensors to detect and deter unwanted guests, and control areas without expensive, and unsightly fencing. The Critter Gitter® can be used for both wildlife control and domestic humane animal control. It has been successful in controlling brown bear, black bear, Kodiak bear, Polar bear, cougar, bob cat, raccoons, wolves, birds and other animals known to destroy property and put lives in danger.

Critter Gitter® vs Polar Bear & vs Deer
How deer react to the Critter Gitter

Courtesy Washington Department of Forestry and Wildlife

2021 Critter Gitter® Review

On the latest episode of a peacock minute, Mr. Peacock reviews the new 2021 update of the Critter Gitter to protect your peacock/peafowl from unwanted 4 legged and 2 legged critters day and night.

Courtesy Dennis Fett - Mr. Peacock

NOTE: A 9 volt battery is included with the Critter Gitter. It usually lasts between 6 months and a year.

How long it lasts depends on how many times the unit is triggered. Cold weather reduces the battery's power.

Do You Have

A home, cabin or other building that needs protection from bear intrusions?

- Livestock or poultry that need protection from predators?

- Pests that get into your garbage?

- Beavers that dam your streams?

Used By

Farmers, Ranchers, Beekeepers, Cabin Owners, Off-the-grid Homeowners, Campers, Shop Owners (for burglar alarms), Rural Homeowners and pretty much anyone who lives in wild country.

Unique Design

The Critter Gitter has 7 different sounds so the critters do not become accustomed to one sound. The sounds are not monotone, but rather varying in distinct patterns evoking alarm in most animals.  The device has two sound levels, one is loud and the other is very loud. The very loud setting can be heard up to a mile away.

Worldwide Sales

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Usability Consulting

If you speak English and have questions regarding your particular circumstances, call our Toll Free number and we would be happy to assist you in making a product decision.


One year repair/replacement against manufacturing defects from time of purchase. Does not apply to products misused or damaged by customer, pets or animals.

Original Critter Gitter

The Original Critter Gitter®
(Suggested Retail: $109.95)

Our Price $79.95
9 volt battery and protective rain shield included.
Weight 5.3oz

Weatherproof Critter Gitter

The Weatherproof Critter Gitter®
(Suggested Retail: $133.20)

Our Price $89.95
9 volt battery, clear case, velcro strap included.
Wt. 6.5oz.
In STOCK - 16 Left

WeatherShield for Critter Gitter

The Weather Shield® Critter Gitter mount and Critter Gitter® Bundle
(Suggested Retail: $149.95)

Our Price $89.95
Weather Shield® Critter Gitter, Critter Gitter mount, mounting screws & velcro straps included.
Wt. 4oz.
**Critter Gitter and Battery Included

WeatherShield for Critter Gitter

The Weather Shield® Critter Gitter mount
(Suggested Retail: $29.95)

Our Price $19.95
Weather Shield® Critter Gitter mount, mounting screws & velcro straps included.
Wt. 4oz.
**Critter Gitter NOT Included

Battery Eliminator

The Battery Eliminator


Eliminate the need to replace the 9 volt battery with a plug-in adapter. 90 day warranty.


Voltage Regulator

Voltage Regulator for external battery operation
(Click pic for larger view)

Our Price $7.95
Regulates voltages as high as 30v DC down to 9 volts
Can power multiple Critter Gitters.
Perfect for cabins
In stock